Marine Construction

At the forefront of technological advances in the corrosion engineering sector and applying innovative solutions, Seaforce delivers outcomes based results to projects both large and small.

Our Services

Our services range from riser installation, offshore diving support during piling operations, support vessels, installation of a diverse range of fender systems, to heavy thermal cutting or coded wet welding. Our fleet includes multiple construction support vessels up to 20 meters, equipped with lifting capability.

Pile Remediation

Seaforce are industry leaders in applying innovative corrosion management solutions to marine based assets throughout Australia and internationally. With a depth of knowledge from our team of corrosion consultants, marine engineers and NACE coating inspectors, supported by state of the art technology, Seaforce delivers a unique and diverse range of pile and structure remediation services.

Subsea Pipeline Installation

Underpinned by a depth of experience in the provision of engineering procurement and construction services, Seaforce offers an integrated subsea pipeline installation service appropriate to a diverse range of pipeline structures. Seaforce has installed concrete pipelines, HDPE pipelines, spool-piece tie-ins, diffusers, suction wells, outfalls and intake pipelines.

We are specialists in pipeline remediation, stabilization and repair implementing innovative solutions including retro fit clamps, in-water welding, hyperbaric welding and cathodic protection installation.

Subsea Coded Welding and Marine Welding

As an industry specialist in underwater welding and cutting we pride ourselves in innovative solutions for the construction and demolition of marine structures. This is supported by our team of subsea coded underwater welders possessing multi faceted skill sets. Our underwater welding codes are regularly updated to internationally recognised standards.

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